Which is the worst airline in America

Posted on January 21, 2017 by admin

Which is the worst airline in America
Worst-Airlines.Friendly Ghost or Poltergeist? America’s Worst Airline If you’re planning a family vacation within the United States, balancing budget and comfort is a graceful, deliberate dance. Pay too little and you could find yourself in a cramped seat aisles away from the rest of your family. But every once in a while one of those great deals comes along. When you’re browsing Trivago and a flight from Spirit Airlines appears on the list with almost deliriously good prices, recognize that some things really are too good to be true. Budget flights are expected to be just that, but there comes a point where the drop in quality is so egregious that it’s truly unforgivable. Spirit, sadly, falls into this category.

The negatives of Spirit are literally too numerous to count. How about the time they refused to refund a veteran dying of cancer the money for his ticket? Or the fact that they’re involved in a lawsuit because their stewardesses kept serving alcoholic drinks to women who were growing more inebriated and aggressive by the minute, which obviously culminated into a fight (because why wouldn’t it?) Or the time they sent out an email announcing that, “Romney Wins!” to everyone on their mailing list?

“A few bad apples can’t ruin an entire airline, right?” you might ask. Sure, these are just one-off instances–freak accidents or lapses in judgement that as American’s we tend to zero-in on, but briefly consider that they were the only American company to make a list of worst airlines in the world. Not just in America, in the world. You might choose to ignore the sound advice you’re reading and go with Spirit Airlines anyways. Maybe for the savings, maybe for the thrilling possibility of seeing a fight break out in the aisle.

Who knows, you might have a good flight. Or you might have the opportunity to add your voice to the chorus of unsatisfied customers. You’ve been warned.