Which is Better Window or Aisle Seat?

Posted on May 30, 2014 by admin

300aislewindowseatMany of us make decisions every day whether it’s which shirt to wear or what food to have for dinner. Everyone has their own preference of what they like and are sticking to it. Even when you get on an airplane you have to make the decision-do you want you want a window side or an aisle seat?

Many people choose a window seat during their flight as statistics show these passengers are happier. Maybe it’s because they feel less trapped because they can look out the window and zone out for a while. Those passengers who like sitting near a window on airplanes tend to be true romantics or into nature. Statistics show window seat passengers are typically young, short females. Not to say that a man couldn’t choose a window seat as well.

People who choose aisle seats are people who want to get some work done and want to have easy access to the bathroom. Aisle seaters have to sacrifice by frequently having to get up and down to make room for the middle and window seaters to use the bathroom. They also have to deal with the passing airline staff and snack carts. Passengers who choose these aisle seats may also have a fear of flying or are afraid of heights, so they will choose a seat furthest away from the window. They don’t want a constant reminder that they’re flying in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air.

No matter which seat you pick while traveling, you should always be comfortable, or as comfortable as you’ll be on an airplane. You may not always get a chance to pick which seat you want, so it’s best to adapt to your surroundings and try to make the best of it.