New Ways of Paying For Things on Flights

Posted on February 22, 2015 by admin

300-applepayNew Ways of Paying For Things on Flights Because of the rise in popularity of digital currency and mobile payments, people were just waiting for the technological advancements would spread to flights. That time has come. Now, it is possible to leave credit cards behind while boarding a flight because the two major payment methods – Apple Pay and Bitcoins – would be enough to get people through the journey.

•    Apple Pay – JetBlue became the first company to allow payments via Apple Pay on their flights. Flight attendants would be using iPad minis with card reader attachments so that passengers can use Apple Pay for making any purchases on flights. Also, when Apple Watch debuts later, it would come inbuilt with an NFC chip. JetBlue would also be accepting payments from Apple Watch using this chip. Various Apple technologies have been adopted by airlines over the years and have led to time and effort saving on a large scale. However, this new development might just change the payment scene of flights all over the world.

•    Bitcoins – The first company to accept Bitcoins as payment is airBaltic. This payment can be used for purchasing tickets to over 60 destinations across CIS, Russia, Middle East and Europe. As far as making payments on flights goes, Bitnet has partnered with over 260 airlines including Lufthansa, British Airways and American Airways. Bitnet expects that this move would be helpful in controlling frauds, improving the ease of cross border payment and reducing processing costs related to credit cards. Already, major online flight booking services like Expedia and CheapAir are accepting Bitcoin for booking flights.

According to 71% of carriers, mobile payments would rule the future of airline payment scene. In the next couple of years, payment via mobile mode would rise by 36% on board of flight because it is not only beneficial to customers but also helps the airlines in handling and processing.