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Turkish Airlines Overview:


Founded in 1933, Turkish Airlines operated on a domestic basis only. Once the airline incorporated in 1957, Turkish Airlines joined the International Air Transport Association, and began to expand their operations to the international stage.


Turkish Airlines currently serves hundreds of cities worldwide and all major cities on a domestic level. Most recently, Turkish Airlines added routes to Abu Dhabi, Belgrade, St Petersburg, Mumbai, Osaka, Lagos, Toronto, Benghazi, Jakarta, Washington D.C. and other major international cities. In April, 2008 the airline became the twentieth member of the Star Alliance, further expanding their international routes.


Their fleet of over one hundred aircraft consists of a large number of Boeing 737s, Airbus A320s, and Airbus A330s.


Turkish Airlines currently has three different seat classifications: Economy Class, Comfort Class and Business Class. Aircraft used for both domestic and international flights use all three seat classes.


The In-Flight Entertainment that Turkish Airlines uses offers a wide variety of movies, television shows, music and video games. Movies and television shows are available in multiple languages, including English. The different genres of music available for passengers include classical, jazz, pop, Turkish music and more.


Baggage fees that you may incur with Turkish Airlines vary depending on the location of your destination. For every piece of checked luggage that exceeds the 23 kg limit, the airline will charge you $80. The baggage fee system that Turkish Airlines utilizes is extremely complex. Baggage fees are incurred per piece of luggage that exceeds a maximum weight requirement. Depending on where you are traveling from, fees may be collected in different currencies, but the two most common fees are charged in either euros or dollars.


If you make a stopover beyond domestic flights, then Turkish Airlines will collect an additional baggage fee if your checked baggage exceeds the maximum weight requirement. .