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SkyWest Airlines was founded on April 26th, 1972, when St. George lawyer Ralph Atkin bought Dixie Airlines to transport people to Salt Lake City. As of 1984, it had become the 11th largest regional carrier in the United States. Today, SkyWest serves many areas in North America, including 43 states from Alabama to Washington; various Canadian provinces including Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia; and five cities in Mexico as well as the Bahamas.

SkyWest Airlines has even received various awards and accolades, including Air Transport World’s Regional Airline of the Year in 2013. SkyWest’s fleet is composed of mostly Bombardier and Embraer aircraft models, including the Embraer EMB 120ER Brasilia, the Bombardier CRJ100ER, the Bombardier CRJ200ER, the Bombardier CRJ700ER, and the Bombardier CRJ900. More models, such as the Mitsubishi MRJ90 and Embraer E175-E2 are expected to enter service within the next six years, and the Embraer E-175 should be joining the SkyWest fleet this year. Being a “feeder” airline, SkyWest runs under contract with other major carriers such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, and Alaska Airlines. SkyWest sees roughly 1,700 total departures daily, with the carrier having the most amount of departures being United Express. It also employs almost 11,000 people in North America. Overall, SkyWest has transported 27 million passengers last year, and have remained a very trustworthy airline service as they have not been found at fault for any fatal accidents within their 40-year run.

Since SkyWest is a contractual airline service, baggage fees and regulations depend on the carrier that a plane in their fleet is contracted with. Of course, regardless of carrier, certain cargo is not allowed, such as kayaks, hang gliders, pet kennels, or any hazardous materials. Depending on the plane model, some planes may not have a luxury first class seating option. Two notable planes in their fleet that do have a first class seating option is the Bombardier CRJ700 which carries up to 65 passengers, and the Bombardier CRJ900, which holds 76 passengers. Unfortunately, most of SkyWest’s planes do not offer any in flight entertainment, with the exception of the CRJ900.