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Singapore Airlines Overview:


Founded in Singapore in 1972, Singapore Airlines emerged from the Mayalan airline which began running thrice weekly between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ipho and Penang. Over time, the airline became more and more successful, with new routes and it became the Mayalan-Singapore Airline in 1966. Five years later, the alliance between Malaysia and Singapore’s airways ended and Singapore received the Boeing aircraft of the fleet as well as the international routes to 20 destinations in 18 cities.


Today, Singapore Airlines runs over 90 different routes across forty countries. Its flights can take travelers throughout Europe, Asia, the United States, Oceania and Africa. Some of their routes fall under the Asia AirPass which begins in Singapore and lets fliers choose between sixteen different southeast Asian destinations. Each flight plan in the Asia AirPass deal can include up to four cities at a low rate.


Singapore Airlines has several types of planes in their fleet. The majority, 116 planes, are the Boeing 747. Other Boeing planes are 737 , 757 and 777. The other major type of plane is the Airbus. Singapore flies the Airbus 300, 310, 330, 340 and 380.


The uppermost travel level in a Singapore Airline flight is the suite, a private sanctuary with fine dining, exclusive audio and video entertainment and foldout beds. First class accommodations on Singapore Airline flights are also top notch. The business class seating has plush leather chairs and extra leg room. Finally there are two levels of economy seating: premium and basic.


Non-suite seats have in-flight entertainment using the seatbacks of the prior row to help the flight go smoothly and more comfortably for everyone. Travelers can watch movies, television programmes, listen to music, or play games during the flight. Suite and first class passengers can “Book the Cook” and request a special meal from one of sixty menu options in advance and have it served during the flight.


Baggage fees are not charged as long as the checked bag is under the weight limits for any flight not traveling to the United States or Brazil or less than two pieces in those countries.