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SAS Airlines Overview:


SAS Group is a Nordic holding company that is the parent company of a variety of airlines including Scandinavian Airlines, Blue1 and Wider√łe. The company formed in 1946 when the three main airlines for Denmark, Sweden, and Norway began to work cooperatively to handle intercontinental flights to Scandinavia.

SAS flies throughout Europe and has destinations to North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Many destinations are found in Northern Europe, including Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. Major European destinations include Madrid, Paris, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Athens, and Prague. Major intercontinental destinations include Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

SAS has a fleet of 180 planes, predominantly from Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier. Notable fleet members include the Airbus 330 and Boeing 737.


What to Expect From SAS Airlines:

SAS offers exceptional in flight entertainment, particularly for intercontinental flights. These flights have video screens and noise canceling headphones for every seat, plus 46 video channels, 10 video games, and 30 audio channels. In the fall of 2012, SAS will have 10 Boeing aircraft equipped for WiFi.

For all classes of seats, the first piece of baggage (up to 50lbs.) is free, and Economy Extra and Business allow two pieces free. For oversize or overweight bags, fees between $40 and $250 apply, depending on the excess and destination. For specialty equipment, such as skis or golf clubs, fees between $30 and $95 apply, depending on type and destination.

SAS offers three classes of seats, Economy, Economy Extra and Business. The predominant difference between each class is personal space and in flight amenities. Passengers in higher seat classes will enjoy more space closer to the front of the plans, and will receive nicer amenities, including meals, cocktails, coffee, drinks, and a comfort kit. .