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Ryanair, an Irish-based low-cost airline company primarily operating out of Dublin and Londson-Stansted airfields, was first started in 1984, when it flew exclusively between London and Waterford. However, since 1997 Ryanair has evolved into a transcontinental and multinational air carrier service, with major hubs in Dublin, Milan-Bergamo, London-Stansted, Brussels-Charleroi, and Alicante airports.


Ryanair typically flies into smaller airports in an effort to cut costs and keep the airfares low for its patrons. With major bases in 50 European cities in over 12 countries, Ryanair is one of the leading low-cost air travel services available.


Claiming to maintain the most modern, most environmentally friendly, and most noise-efficient airplanes in Europe, Ryanair sustains a fleet of over 200 aircrafts, most of which are Boeing 737-800 models, each of which can carry roughly 190 passengers. There is no business class for any Ryanair flight.


In an effort to keep ticket prices low, Ryanair does not offer a variety of gratuitous in-flight services. Food and drinks, for example, can be bought on board the aircraft, and many new aircrafts have been stripped of many frivolous commodities, including reclining seats, pockets on the backs of seats, and several bathrooms, all in an effort to minimize costs and provide the cheapest airfare for passengers. Ryanair has even proposed further ways to instill a “no-frills” policy, recommending creating standing-room only for certain passengers, requiring them to pay to use the restroom, and other such actions, which have been met with mixed reviews from passengers and others.


Ryanair has recently switched to a new policy of requiring passengers to check-in online, lest they pay a hefty surcharge. Upon purchase of the ticket, passengers can opt to select a baggage check allowance of either 15 or 20 kilograms, and are allowed a maximum of two checked bags, with additional fees for going over this weight..