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Lufthansa Airlines Overview:


Deutsche Lufthansa was launched as an airline in 1954, although it can be traced back to a flight company founded in the 1920s. Lufthansa began service in 1955 with the Convair 340 airplane. During this time, West German Lufthansa planes were piloted by German, British, and American pilots. East German planes were piloted by Germans and Russians. Lufthansa Group continued to adapt their fleet as aircraft technology advanced. Lufthansa currently has a state-of-the-art fleet, which makes for a smooth ride.


The airline’s planes and jets come in many sizes. Lufthansa uses the American widebody MD-11F for its cargo fleet, and a variety of advanced aircraft for flights of every possible length. These are produced mainly by Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier. The headquarters of Lufthansa Group is located in Cologne, Germany. The airline has hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, and Zurich, with a future hub planned for Berlin. Lufthansa Group has routes and flights in numerous countries across six continents.


Lufthansa Group’s First Class section is focused on making every detail perfect. On the ground, First Class passengers receive bonuses like valet and limousine services. First Class seats can be fully reclined into beds. Business Class passengers can also fully recline their seats, and they can also stay productive with the workstations provided. First and Business Class passengers can take advantage of the Lufthansa Media World. This gives them the option of 30 films in up to eight languages, 40 TV programs, 200 audio options, and 30 radio stations. Economy Class offers 21 films, as well as all of the TV programs and audio of the First and Business Classes. Lufthansa’s Economy Class has roomy seats with slim seat backs to increase leg room.


Baggage fees depend on each passenger’s itinerary. Passengers can transport two bags for free, or three if they are in First Class. Extra bags are charged based on weight. .