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LAN, Connecting South America to the World Since 1929 From humble origins as a domestic air mail carrier in Chile, LAN (Linea Aerea Nacional) has grown to a global airline. Today LAN provides non-stop flights to over 90 cities across the world, including Dallas, Miami, New York, Madrid and Mexico City. Major South American cities served include Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lima, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago and Sao Paolo. LAN is also a member of the One World Alliance, through which it offers one-stop connecting service to more than 1600 additional destinations.


LAN began an era of rapid expansion in 2002 with the purchase and start-up of airlines in Peru and Ecuador. In 2010, it merged with Brazil’s TAM Airlines to form the LATAM group. While jointly owned, both LAN and TAM continue to operate under their own names and with their own equipment. LAN operates both widebody planes, primarily for long haul, and smaller single aisle aircraft for flights within South America. It recently added Boeing 787s to it’s existing long haul fleet of Airbus 340s and older Boeing 767s, while LAN’s single aisle jets are entirely Airbus 319s, 320s and 321s. The long haul aircraft are equipped with both business and economy seating, business in 2-2-2 configuration while economy are either 2-3-2 (767), 2-4-2 (340) or 3-3-3 (787). All seats in the smaller aircraft are economy, arranged 3-3.


On Demand entertainment, including TV and movies, is provided to both business and economy travellers in all LAN widebodies. While the traditional overhead TVs are used in most of the smaller planes, the newest Airbus 319s and 320s are equipped with On Demand TV.


All LAN passengers, including economy travellers, are currently permitted at least one free checked bag up to the standard 23 kg/50 lb per bag; for flights between the USA and either Brazil or Chile, 2 free bags are allowed for economy and 3 for business. Certain destinations have different provisions, notably flights beginning or ending in either Europe or Ecuador. Excess baggage charges, which also apply to overweight bags, range from $50 between the USA and Columbia to $100 between the USA and Chile.