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Emirates Airlines Overview:


Emirates is one of World’s Largest Airlines Established in 1985, Emirates Airlines has becomes known for its luxury and outstanding customer service on its long-haul international flights. From its hub at Dubai International Airport, Emirates flies passengers to over 140 destinations on six continents.


Voted Airline of the Year in 2013 by Air Transport World and rated as a four-star airline by Skytrax, Emirates quickly built its reputation for customer service upon its conception in March 1985. The Dubai royal family gave the start-up airline firm backing while Pakistani International Airlines loaned Emirates its first two airplanes. Its phenomenal growth in its fleet and the number of annual miles flown quickly made it one of the largest airlines in the world. By 2007, Emirates was the biggest Middle Eastern airline in terms of revenue, fleet and number of passengers carried. In 2012, it was the fourth largest airline in the world.


Emirates operates some of the longest non-stop routes in the world, from Dubai International to Los Angeles, Houston and San Francisco in the United States and from Dubai to São Paulo, Brazil. Thanks to its hub in the United Arab Emirates, the airline provides service to many cities in Africa, to destinations throughout Asia and to most European capitals.


Unlike other airlines, Emirates operates a fleet of entirely wide body airplanes, centered around several versions of the Boeing 777. It also utilizes three Airbus models, the A330 and A340 as well as the world’s largest commercial airliner, the double deck A380.


The airline has three different types of first class seats, including privacy suites, flatbed Skycruiser seats and sleeper seats that become beds. Business class seats are similar to the latter, while economy seats have longer than normal pitch. Passengers get at least one free checked bag, while business and first class seats have additional free bags.


Emirates has the best in-flight entertainment system in the business, winning the top award for its ICE system every year since its introduction in 2003. Passengers have access to their own television screen and auto controls, allowing them to access hundreds of hours of movies, television shows and music choices.