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EasyJet Airlines Overview:


Since it was first established in 1995, easyJet has seen a rapid increase in customers and travel destinations. Based out of the Luton Airport in London, easyJet services over 118 destinations in Europe, North Africa, and West Asia and has nineteen major hubs across Europe, the largest being in London. With over 200 airplanes in its fleet, most of which are the Airbus A319 model or A320, easyJet is one of the most widely-used airlines for travelers looking for low-cost airfares.


The five largest hubs for easyJet include Gatwick, in London, Milan-Malpensa, London-Luton, London-Stansted, and Bristol. It also serves cities in many other European countries, including Rome, Italy, Dusseldorf, Germany, Belfast, Ireland, Gothenburg, Sweden, and Athens, Greece, just to name a few. When it was first started in 1995 in London, easyJet exclusively services residents of the UK, with the first flight being from London-Luton to Glasgow, and then to Edinburgh. It was not until a year later that the first international flight to Amsterdam was engaged, and it has been steadily growing ever since.


The airplane models used by easyJet typically carry about 160 passengers, and the cabin layout offers only one class selection for travelers, which serves to keep prices low. Although easyJet sells items from the “EasyJet Bistro,” including sandwiches, alcoholic beverages, snacks, and other drinks, it does not provide any complimentary meals on most of its flights.


With regard to in-flight entertainment, easyJet has cancelled all of its previous services, which would occasionally include an in-flight movie and other device rentals. Now passaengers may rent or purchase headphones, pillows, and other magazines and publications, subject to their availability.


Each passenger is allowed one bag whose weight is not to exceed 20 kg. Extra weight can be purchased, although this should be done on-line for cheaper rates. .