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China Eastern Airlines Overview:


China Eastern Airlines is relatively new to the skies, having been founded in 1988. Since its advent, the airline has gone on to acquire other Chinese airlines, including Air Great Wall in early 2001. The company is the parent corporation to more than 20 subsidiaries.


Routes by China Eastern Airlines include domestic flights within the People’s Republic of China, as well as long haul international trips. Cities that are served by the airline include Shanghai, Moscow, London, Frankfurt, and New York. In total, almost 200 cities can be reached via China Eastern Airlines.


The fleet of aircraft owned and operated by China Eastern Airlines numbers more than 300. The average plane used by the airline is less than seven years old; most aircraft in the fleet are Airbus models, though some Boeing aircraft are also used. The airbus A320 series has the greatest numbers in the airline’s fleet.


What to Expect From China Eastern Airlines:

On board entertainment on China Eastern Airlines flights consists of on-demand movies, television programs, and music channels. Passengers can expect both Chinese and international films, including many major Hollywood releases, and music channels range from Chinese pop to easy listening.


Flights operated by China Eastern Airlines have three separate classes: economy, business, and first. As one might expect, first class passengers have the most personal space and best food options, which on some flights means seats that recline back much farther than a standard seat for easier sleeping.


Passengers on domestic flights can check in one bag free of charge. Each bag must weigh no more than 70 lbs. International travelers are granted two checked bags free of charge, but each bag is limited to a weight of 50 lbs. Carry-on bags are limited to one per passenger, at no fee, and cannot weigh more than 11 lbs. .