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American Airlines Overview:


Developed from more than eighty smaller airlines in 1930 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, American Airlines is an internationally known airline that operates hundreds of routes throughout the world.


The airline travels to hundreds of cities in a long list of countries, but sometimes features special pricing to some of their more popular destinations, including Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York and London, England. Travelers can expect to fly in a Boeing aircraft. American Airlines currently operates the 777, 767 and 757, among others. It plans to run the Boeing Airbus in the future.


When you fly American Airlines, you can expect plenty of in-flight perks to keep you at your most comfortable. Each of the American Airlines aircraft feature unique interiors that are custom-designed and include comfort cushions. Larger storage bins make it possible to store your luggage wheels first, allowing for faster loading and unloading times. Travelers that are flying on the Boeing 777 have access to Gate Connect, a feature that allows you to check your gates before even arriving at the airport. Full menus are available and feature North American, Caribbean and other International meals. Special dietary needs can be met in most cases and a full wine list is available. American Airlines gives you the option of choosing between economy, business and first class seating. Each type of seating has entertainment that includes magazines, catalog shopping, movies and music, as well as Wi-Fi in some cases.


When flying, it is important to remember that there are baggage restrictions. In the case of American Airlines, each passenger can have one carry-on bag and one personal item for free. Checked baggage starts at $25 USD for one bag. A second bag is $50 USD and each additional bag is $150 USD. Weight and dimension restrictions do apply to all baggage. .