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Air France Airlines Overview:


Both Air France and KLM are only a few of the existing airlines that were founded before World War Two. KLM’s initial route between Amsterdam and London began in 1920 while Air France, under the former name Aeropostale worked as a commercial airlines transporting mail. During the war, both airlines were suspended from operating flights, but continued flying in 1946 after the war had ended. From there after both airlines began flying regular routes which expanded to North America and Japan.


Following the merger of KLM and Air France in 2004, the airlines now transport passengers and cargos to over 230 destinations in 113 countries. The airlines has a network of routes extending to regions of Europe, North America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. Flights are made daily to major cities around the globe that include London, Madrid, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Dubai, Delhi, and Tokyo.


Air France-KLM and their subsidiaries have a fleet of over 600 planes that include their cargo and regional planes. The fleet includes crafts by Airbus, MD, Boeing, Avro, Embraer, Fokker, and Canadair.


What to Expect From Air France Airlines:

Passengers can enjoy a comfortable trip through a variety of in-flight entertainment options. Watch a television show or a newly released movie during your flight or even just spend you time listening to a radio station of your choice. Geovision is also offered to passengers allowing you to watch the plane take off through an external camera as well as monitor the plane’s altitude, temperature and remaining flight time.


The amount of luggage your allowed to take on the plane depends on your ticket. It can range from one bag to three, or five for members of the U.S. military. Baggage fees apply if weight exceeds 23Kg or if additional bags need to be checked. Prices vary per bag. .