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Air Canada Overview:


Air Canada began as Trans-Canada Air in the late 1930’s. Throughout the years, the airline became known under names that include Canadian Airways and Canadian Pacific Airlines. The airline became known as Air Canada in 1965, a name change prompted by the desire to show that the airline flies to international destinations.


Air Canada has routes to more than 150 cities around the world, with service to six continents. Cities that have service to and from Canada on Air Canada include Los Angeles, New York, Bejing, Sydney, and London. Canadian airports that Air Canada uses include those in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal.


The planes in the Air Canada fleet include both Boeing 777s and 767s, as well as a variety of Airbus aircraft, including Airbus A330s and A320s. The airline also has express jets for shorter routes. In total, Air Canada has nearly 400 planes.


What to Expect From Air Canada Airlines:

In-flight entertainment on Air Canada trips consists of touch screen personal televisions for each seat that afford access to hundreds of programming options. More than 100 movies options are available, and as well as television shows and music channels. The airline offers more viewing options for international flights than for flights within North America.


Air Canada offers both economy and first class seats. The economy class is called the tango section, and first class is referred to as the executive class. Some Air Canada planes also have executive suites, which have lay-down seats and more personal space for each passenger.


Checking baggage for flights within North America costs $25 for the first bag, as of 2012, and $35 for the second bag. For longer, international flights, all passengers can check one piece of luggage at no cost, but must pay $100 for the second bag that they check for the flight. .