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Air Berlin Airline Overview:


Air Berlin began to take shape in 1978, working under the name Air Berlin, Inc. Because of the separate state of Berlin at the time, the airline was founded and traded in the United States. At the end of 1990, right before the reunification of Germany which ended Berlin’s separation, the airline was officially named simply Air Berlin.


The airline has service in countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Cities where the Air Berlin operates include Munich, Zurich, Paris, Bangkok, and Las Vegas.


Air Berlin boasts having a very young fleet of aircraft. The fleet includes both Boeing planes as well as Airbus aircraft. Specifically, the airline has planes that include the Boeing 737-800, Airbus 330-300, and Airbus 321-200. The largest planes in the Air Berlin fleet can accommodate more than 350 passengers.


What to Expect From Air Berlin Airlines:

When flying on an Air Berlin flight that lasts at least four hours, passengers are afforded an in-flight movie; even shorter flights offer some in-flight video entertainment, such as cartoons. All flights have radio channels available, ranging from jazz stations to current Top 40 hits. Reading materials such as journals and newspapers are also available to keep travelers occupied in the air.


Air Berlin flights have two classes: economy and business. Business class passengers have seats that recline back farther than a standard seat, only two seats per row, and more food menu options for in-flight dining. Business seats also have personal television screens.


The cost of checked baggage on Air Berlin depends on the type of fare booked. The cheapest fares, called JustFly, do not afford any free checked bags. FlyClassic fares offer one free checked bag, and FlyFlex airfares give passengers two free checked bags. Additional bag fares vary by the length of the flight and type of fare purchased..