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British Airways IAG Overview:


International Airlines Group (IAG) was founded in 2011 and is one of the largest airline groups in the world. Each year, over 50 million passengers fly with IAG aboard aircraft from British Airways and Iberia, comprising one of most modern fleets in aviation.


IAG carries passengers to 200 destinations in Europe and around the world. Major European destinations include nearly all of the capital cities. Major African destinations include Nairobi, Cairo and Cape Town. Prominent Asian and Oceanic routes go to Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai, Bangkok and Sydney. Near and Middle East destinations include Tel Aviv, Damascus, and Dubai. South and Central American destinations extend to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City. There are also many routes to North American cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.


IAG has a fleet of 398 aircraft, predominantly from Airbus and Boeing.


What to Expect From British Airways IAG:

Both world-class airlines offer exceptional in flight entertainment including movies, music and games. Depending on seat class and duration of flight, passengers are treated to three-course meals and complimentary bar selections.


Baggage allowances vary by class. First class travelers may have three bags up to 70lbs. Business and Premium Economy travelers may have two bags up to 70lbs and 51lbs, respectively. Economy travelers can have one bag up to 51 lbs. Bags that are overweight are subject to a $60 fee and extra bags are subject to a fee of up to $119.


First class travelers will experience more personal space on board and can enjoy luxurious lounges and fine dining. Business class offers extra space to work and relax, as well as lounge access and delicious meals. Premium Economy offers a smaller, secluded cabin on longhaul flights, while Economy offers best-value fares, generous baggage allowances and complimentary drinks and snacks.