Biggest Seats and Most Legroom on Planes

Posted on February 20, 2015 by admin

300-legroomThose consumers who fly frequently are no doubt wondering if they are the cause for seemingly smaller seats on flights. However, airline seats are shrinking in size, as is the legroom that comes with each seat. The following airlines are the companies offering more legroom and seating that is more comfortable. This is a plus on long flights across the United States or abroad.

Airline companies are doing all they can decrease expenses. Some of these include making seats thinner to help save on fuel costs and offering less legroom to accommodate more seats. Many consumers who frequently fly feel that if airlines continue to make flights, uncomfortable it will force more to invest in the business class section or the economy plus sections and people will be willing to pay more for the comfort these sections offer.

Airbus planes offer more legroom and bigger seats, yet not all planes in this company offer these perks, some do not. Sometimes a bigger seat is available to consumers free of charge. The key is the gate agent. If you present yourself in a friendly and non-obtrusive manner, asking for a seat in the bulkhead or the exit row, you may obtain the roomier seats and more legroom in these areas. Sometimes an airline charges a fee for exit row seating. It pays to ask if the plan is full, if not this may mean you are going to sit in an empty row, giving you more room. Fees for requesting more room can range from $15.00 upwards to over $100.00.

One of the best airlines that consumers are becoming aware of for a comfortable flight is Singapore Airlines are known to many travelers as an airline offering a quality and comfortable flight. Next, on the list for comfortable, roomy seating is Emirates Air. The last is American Air. Rumors in the news are that American Air is making seating and legroom more comfortable. American Air has caught on that a company cannot substitute a travelers’ comfort for profit.