Best Inflight Cocktails

Posted on February 18, 2015 by admin

300-cocktailsThe 3 Best Inflight Cocktails Offered Now Inflight cocktails are pretty hit or miss. Flyers can get a really mediocre premixed cocktail up in the air and have it cost three times as much. But some great airlines are offering solid drink options well beyond the premixed margarita mixes or Bloody Mary’s almost from a juicebox.

Below are some of the best inflight cocktails, both premixed and not, that can be found in more and more airplanes.

The Cucumber Vodka Mojito

Thankfully, this distinct drink is not an obscure cocktail rarely available on a flight. Virgin America offers this classy and poignant drink in a premixed form, and it somehow is not horrible. Mojitos still remain one of the most popular drinks across the globe, so it only makes sense that an airline would add a premixed option with a little cucumber taste to top it off.

Bourbons Mixes, including Bulleit

Just a few years ago, bourbon was generally unfounded outside of a VIP first class slot in the millionaire’s club. Now, bourbons’s accessibility has increased substantially. Bulleit is a specialty bourbon that would be welcoming for any enthusiast of the classic liquor.

Fifty-Fifty Martini

Truthfully, sometimes flyers need a drink that packs a seismic punch and offers a rightful buzz right out the gate. The Fifty-Fifty martini is a sensational cocktail that mixes gin with chardonnay for incredibly rich results. A dash of orange and a slight of lemon offers a tasteful touch. The drink is not premixed, or at least not commonly, so this is a little DIY option at the table, or one that airline bartenders should be able to put together with ease.

The options are not quite as expansive as what one would find on the ground, but we are getting there. These drinks represent the pinnacle of inflight drinking in the mainstream. Even if flyers have to make the drink at their seat, the options are getting infinitely better.