Best Airline Food

Posted on February 11, 2014 by admin

300airlinefoodThree of the Best Airlines for Airline Food By the 1980s, airline food was already a hugely cliche subject for stand-up comedians. In the several decades since then much has changed in the world of in-flight food. For domestic economy travelers, airline food has gone from being often unappetizing to simply non-existent on most flights. However, for fliers willing to shell out a little bit extra, either for for purchase food or for a higher class, the fare available on many airlines has actually improved greatly in recent years. The same can be said for the cuisine served on many international flights. These are some of the airlines serving the best in-flight food throughout the world.

Cathay Pacific

One of the ways to ensure that you will enjoy delicious, well-prepared food during your flight is to make sure you book your seat on one of the handful of prestigious Asian carriers such as Cathay Pacific. This Hong Kong-based airline serves a handful of major North American cities including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver – and first and business class passengers enjoy meals prepared not in the large ovens most airlines use but legitimate equipment including skillets and rice cookers. These freshly prepared meals and snacks help transform a trans-Pacific flight from an endless bore into an enjoyable part of a vacation.

Air France

For fliers with a European destination, this international carrier lives up to its home country’s reputation for world-class gastronomy. Air France also works hard to maintain an air of currency and stylishness with its in-air cuisine: not only are there several menu overhauls each month, but a different in-demand chef is hired to oversee Air France meals every 32 weeks.

American Airlines

American Airlines may be an American airline, but first class passengers on the airline always enjoy a first-rate culinary experience, including fresh chocolate chip cookies baked in-flight. Unfortunately, economy passengers do not get to enjoy these cookies, but at least that freshly-baked cookie smell invariably permeates the economy cabin – which could be a way for American to advertise their first class service to economy travelers.