Airlines Rules for Pets

Posted on April 9, 2014 by admin

300dogsonplanesIf you plan on traveling with your pet on an airplane, there are rules and guidelines that must be followed for your pet to join you during your travels. You will need to provide a health certificate in order for your pet to ride in the cargo area. If you don’t have a health certificate you can obtain one from your veterinarian or from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Always check with the airline that you are flying with because most of them only except the health certificate to be issued by your vet about 10 days before departure. The veterinarian will also indicate whether your animal is on any type of medications, keep in mind that most airlines will not administer any medications to the pets at high altitudes, it’s too risky.

Required Health Certificate Information

  • Date the certificate is completed
  • The shippers name and address
  • Tattoos & tag numbers associated with your pet
  • Current age of the animal
  • Statement of over-all good health
  • Signature of the veterinarian

When you arrive at the airport to drop off your pet, you will be asked to fill out a checklist. This checklist will be confirming that your animal has been given food and water within the last four to five hours. Once you sign the form it will be placed on the pets kennel. The kennel that your pet will be traveling in must have good ventilation and it has to be leak proof. Check the kennel restrictions with your airline company because certain kennels are not allowed in the cargo area.

Most airline companies have restrictions and will not accept your pets in the cargo area in extreme cold weather and hot weather. You can also check the airlines year-round weather requirements to determine what would be the best time for you to fly. When you are planning your trip, if you want your animal in the cabin double check the requirements. On certain airplanes a pet is not allowed to go in the cabin area and there are no exceptions.