5 Best Airports in the US

Posted on February 24, 2014 by admin

300bestusairportsWe have all been to good (and bad) airports, but which airports are the top rated airports in the US? We brainstormed based on our experiences and here is our top 5 list:

5. Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW)
Dallas Fort-Worth is large but the signage is excellent and it has an abundance of traveling staples like food, bathrooms, chairs and outlets. The skylink can take you from one terminal to another quickly, or you can walk if you want the exercise. That’s what we love most – there are no bad transportation options! DFW is incredibly walkable, which feels really good sometimes after you’ve been sitting for a while, and the skylink is really fun to just ride around and around with kids if you have a long layover. DFW also has direct flights and connecting flights to basically anywhere in the US!

4. Indianapolis Airport (IND)
Indianapolis is definitely our favorite airport in the mid-west for it’s cool design and traveler-friendly amenities. The tall glass windows are sure to impress adults and keep kids entertained with their ever-present views. The free WiFi and ample charging ports makes it business friendly as well! The convenient, well-designed layout makes it easy to get around the airport and walk to rent a car without having to take those annoying shuttle buses.

3. T.F. Green Airport (PVD)
Just south of Providence, T.F Green is a hidden gem! Centrally located for easy travel to Providence or Boston, it provides an excellent alternative Logan Airport, which is notoriously congested! While T.F. Green may not have a ton of amenities and shops or a glitzy design, it’s a breeze to check in and get on your way!

2. Austin-Bergstrom International (AUS)
There is almost always live music in Austin-Bergstrom. Additionally, all of the eateries are local establishments or chains that started in Austin. Grab a bite to eat and sample the local flavors!

1. Portland International Airport (PDX)
Portland International boasts excellent shopping as well as food. With a design that reminds you more of a mall than an airport, it offers travelers the calming comfort you don’t usually find in an airport. Some people complain about taking the light-rail to the airport, but that is all part of the uniquely Portland experience. Flights from Portland International always seem to be on time too, which is much appreciated when flying!